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Randmar is a Canadian distributor of Printers and Printing Supplies founded in 1936. We have 5 warehouses in each of the major cities of Canada: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

HP, Lexmark, Brother, Samsung, Epson, Okidata are among the manufacturers with whom we have a direct partnership. This is something that is important to us and we work every day to maintain and improve our relationships with these companies.

As a distributor, we supply a wide range of products to stores and other businesses that sell to consumers. We love to challenge ourselves by providing you with the best customer service in the industry and by giving access to our website, it allows all our resellers to do the same with their customers.

We are the perfect distributor for any reseller who sells
Printers and Printing Supplies.

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Blind Drop Shipping Reseller
A pricing column
300 Normal shipments
30 Heavy shipments (printers or orders of 20 Lbs+)
Terms: Net 30 days
Blind Drop Shipping Reseller
B pricing column
50 Normal shipments
0 Heavy shipments (printers or orders of 20 Lbs+)
Terms: Net 30 days
Retail & Commercial Reseller
C pricing column
Minimum Order of 1 000$
Shipping Charges on Printer orders

Note to our Customers

We are introducing those plans because E-Commerce is becoming more and more important. Therefore, we are developing an expertise in Blind Drop Shipping any order of Printers and Printing Supplies across Canada.

Any acquired rights you have with us will be honored.

In the past year, many changes occurred in the way we operate. They were all made to support you better in this changing industry.

In the following weeks, we will start moving a new plateform into our current website. As a result, if you are experiencing any problems, it will be very important that you contact us right away, so we can help you with any issue.

The goal of this new tool we are building is to allow all our customers to compete against the Giants of this world. Be assured, there is still plenty of room for everyone.

We are orienting our process towards how Randmar believes a modern distributor should operate.
- The Randmar Team -

HP Print and Supplies Partner Program
Lexmark Margin Enhancement Program
Epson Advantage Partner Program
Brother Canada Authorized Partner Program
Balloon Brand - Toner Cartridge Program

Research platform

Every week, our website is improved and enhanced so our customers always have the best tool to work with.

We provide the best research plateform for Printers and Printing Supplies.

Drop Ship Oriented

Our 6 warehouses spreaded across Canada provides an high availability of our products. Our inventory is tracked and well managed.

Each order is optimized to be delivered as fast as possible, normally before noon the next day.

Personalised Labels

We give your packages a personalized look by adding your logo and your information on shipping labels.

Furthermore, there are no information about Randmar Inc. on your shipments.

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